While scouring the Baja peninsula looking for perfect right hand pointbreaks, we always came back with something besides the ear to ear grins from the surf we had scored; handwoven blankets. These highly durable go-anywhere blankets became a staple in our lives. In the van, a sofa, or on a sandy beach, these blankets proved functional anywhere we went. Our drives back North from Baja would consist of hours spent sifting through different vendors’ blankets at the Tijuana border in search of the perfect color and pattern ensemble. Inspired by these blankets at the border, eventually we decided to partner with the highest quality Artisan blanket weavers in mainland Mexico and work together to come up with some fresh twists to their classic designs. Our goal is to create blankets that are equal parts functional and stylish, that will last a lifetime. We hope you fall in love with your Manta!